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Hi, I’m Jennifer Szabo and welcome to Stride Forward Counseling! I am a licensed therapist who will provide you with confidential support through safe, online therapy. I’d describe me as kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental. I try to bring a lot of humor to my sessions (and might say a curse word here and there, whoops!) I promise to listen to you and create a calm space for you online. I can see clients in Arizona and Florida.


Anxiety is a normal emotion. It is the brain’s response to potential danger. It’s one’s fight or flight response. Individuals with anxiety disorders often have excessive, frequent, and intense worry and fear about everyday situations. These overwhelming feelings of anxiety and panic can interfere with daily activities, are out of proportion to the actual danger, and may last quite some time. Additional information (will open external website in new tab)

Depression causes persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness and loss of interest in activities/hobbies. It affects how one thinks, feels and behaves which can lead to trouble in their day-to-day living. Additional information (will open external website in new tab)

Shame is the belief that one is unworthy, bad, or wrong. Shame changes the way an individual sees them self and can interfere with one’s professional, social and intimate life. When shame is unresolved it can lead to depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Additional information (will open external website in new tab)

Grief occurs when any life transition (death of a loved one, job loss, retirement, relocation, etc.) causes overwhelming, conflicting feelings. Grief is a normal, natural emotional reaction to change of any kind. Additional information (will open external website in new tab)

Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health illness in which an individual may display a pattern of varying moods, self-image and behavior. Individuals with these symptoms may often engage in impulsive behaviors and have difficulties within their relationships. People with Borderline Personality Disorder may also have extreme emotionality (intense anger, anxiety, and depression). Additional information (will open external website in new tab)

OCD is a mental health disorder that occurs when an individual gets caught in a cycle of obsessions and/or compulsions. Obsessions are unwanted and intrusive thoughts, images or urges that trigger distressing emotions. Compulsions are behaviors that an individual may engage in to decrease their obsessions or distressing emotions. Additional information (will open external website in new tab)

During pregnancy and after the birth of a child many women will experience mood changes. However, some women may experience more significant symptoms of depression or anxiety. Symptoms of a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder can appear any time during pregnancy and up to 12 months after delivery. Please reach out if you are experiencing any mood changes during your pregnancy and/or after. Additional information (will open external website in new tab)

Trauma is an emotional response one has to a terrible event such as an accident, natural disaster, war, divorce, etc. Individuals may struggle with depression, anxiety, experience flashbacks, and uncontrollable emotions. Additional information (will open external website in new tab)

You may be wondering...

Yes, I currently accept some Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.  Please check with your insurance provider to be sure telehealth is covered and I am in-network with your specific plan.

If I am not in-network with your plan, I would be happy to provide you a receipt/invoice you may submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Every insurance company is different in regards to their mental health coverage. I recommend you contact your insurance provider to inquire about mental health coverage prior to your first session. I cannot accept responsibility for you collecting an insurance claim or negotiating a disputed claim if the company fails to reimburse you.

I work with individuals 16 and older who are experiencing challenges in their life.  I do not see couples or families.  However, I will sometimes see family members when it benefits the client. 

*By Appointment Only*
Monday – Tuesday 10am – 6pm
Wednesday – Friday 10am – 3pm

There are many benefits to virtual therapy such as, flexibility, convenience, safety, and privacy.  You get the wonderful benefits of therapy without leaving the your environment!  Virtual therapy eliminates drive time and traffic and leaves you with more options to schedule.  Do you only have time during the lunch hour to have an appointment?  What about when your children are napping?  If so, teletherapy may be a great option for you.

Please note: virtual therapy requires a safe, private area at home as well as a stable internet connect.